state of the world

God reigns blessing upon us all

To whom do we give thanks?

Be still and know. 


Our skin holds light

and lungs draw life

to turn blood red.


We shed, we shed.

State of the World.


Ignoring our triggers,

Bathing in emotion.



Facing our demons

Like a conquering lion.



Stronger than before.

This breath, oh so crisp.



Facing The God

Who let us live before.


We live so filthy

Can we be clean again? 


Grey is the new white

Our brightest light has stained. 


In God we trust! 

Oh wait, 

Who is that again? 


Women and men are divided

Our birthright has been reclaimed

The threat, so real

Can all this evil be contained?


Lighting strikes,

And now we see!


And then it goes dark again.

State of the World

We must build upon the rock,

as this world goes down in sand.

State of the World

6      6      6

men burn like sticks

this fire is everlasting.


7       7       7

just a pinch of leaven

infects the human lump.


1       1       1

the seven trumpets have begun

heralding the divine three.

State of the World


The veils are sevenfold.


Yah burns.

Jesus comes.

Allah rises.

Men are proud.


The lamb has seven horns.

The debt has been paid.

The time is now to live.


War is the new peace.

Famous money, new gods.

Who are we?


Death meats us all;

trauma is relative.